Holistic Living

Eva is a Qualified and Certified Personal Trainer, Mindfulness Coach, Yoga Teacher, Nutrition Adviser and Spiritual Healer who brings the overall holistic approach to Wellbeing.

She understands and connects the unbreakable union between Body, Mind, Spirit through Holistic and Functional Training, Nutrition and Herbs, Natural ways of detoxification, Active Time Planning, Motivation, Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coaching, Stress Management Techniques, different Meditations Methods, and Sound Healing.  

Eva is constantly developing the personal range of the self -growth techniques, which she shares with her clients and patients, to find the best possible way to help them at the state of Body – Mind, and Spirit. Eva studies Body Functional Movement, Naturopathic Medicine, Polarity Therapy, Yoga Philosophy, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Five Elements Theory, Qi Philosophy, and Feng Shui, Slavic and Celtic Traditions, Shamanic Studies which provide her necessary tools and methods to heal Body – Mind and Spirit.

I am here to help you to create the best, personalized way to start a holistic living.

Eva is welcoming her clients in her private space in Leam West, Connemara co. Galway, 7km away from Oughterard.

There are private sessions available in the clients preferable locations in co. Galway, co. Mayo or co. Clare and the rest of Ireland.