Dandelion Syrup

Beautiful yellow flowers so easy to find have magical benefits. The whole plant can be used internally and externally, depending on how you prepare it. We can find a lot of health benefits from using the Dandelion Plant. 
The raw plant presents a significant content of Vitamin A,B,C and D, also minerals such as Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and Calcium. Raw, fresh leaves, stalks and flowers can be added to salads and smoothies. The greens provide more than a recommended daily intake of Vitamin K, which is supporting bone health and prevents cognitive decline.
The plant is a diuretic and anti-inflammatory that supports the work of the kidneys and the removal of waste, salt and excess water from the body by increasing the production of urine while maintaining the necessary elements and minerals. What is more Dandelion plant is filled with antioxidants – which can help us to stop the symptoms of premature aging, the extract builds, the immune system and fights microbes and supports the digestive system with inulin – prebiotic, it is an excellent blood detoxifier.

What Can we make from Dandelion?

– Raw leaves, stalks, and flowers can be added to salads or smoothies ( use the baby plant) 
– Flowers fresh or dried and dried roots can be used as an infusion drink
– Flowers can be used as a base for a Dandelion Flower Syrup, that can be stored for the Winter 
– We can make a face tonic, body wash or hair wash, face mask or cream from Dandelion Flowers

There are many more health benefits that come from using Dandelion Plant in everyday life. I recommend finding more information about it.

Before that, get a very simple recipe for a Dandelion flower syrup that is the most commonly used to relieve sore throat and treat upper respiratory tract infections. It can be stored for a few months in the jars. It will also help you out to build a strong immune system and prevent colds and fevers.


Get the recipe:

– For 1 litter of flowers, use
– 1 liter of filtered water
– 1 kg of sugar
– 1 lemon juice

Preparation: put Dandelion flowers in a pot, pour cold water and cook on low heat for about 15 minutes. Then leave the pot in a cool place for a minimum 12 hours (best 24 hours)

After 12- 24 hours, strain out the flowers, add lemon juice and sugar to it. Mix and cook on low heat until you have the consistency of pouring honey (about 2 hours).
Pour the syrup into the cleaned and brewed jars. Turn the well-closed jars upside down and leave for 12 hours. The lid should be ,,in”. If you want to be sure it will not spoil, you can pasteurize them. ( put the upside jars into boiling water in a pot and cook for 5-10 minutes) The expiration date of the home-made dandelion syrup passes after a few months from the date of preparation.
Use the maximum of 3-5 spoons a day.


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