Elder Flower Infusion Drink

Have you ever thought that you can find a natural immune system booster, pain relief, healing plant, so easy to find? Elder Flower Trees are growing nearly everywhere and it’s flowers and fruits have many health benefits. Flowers can be harvested from May until July.

Elder Flowers can be dried or used fresh. Simply pour warm water (not hot) over 1-2 teaspoon flowers in a cup, wait 5-10 minutes and drink. There are many ways to drink it including syrups or juices. You can also use it externally in baths or specially prepared pastes.

Elder Flower is known from ancient medicine and it has been used all over the World as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral remedy for flues, colds, and infections also allergies improving overall immune system. It supports digestive system, supports cardiovascular system and helps on healing arthritis disease and diabetes.

It is save to use and free of charge!

I recommend to search more information about that Healing Plant and start using it.

Elder fruits are toxic raw. It is important to know how to cook them to prepare Elder Berry Juice. I will leave it until the end of August, September to harvest them and prepare.

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