Energy Balls

Who is a huge fan of sweets? What about Healthy Treat? Having a possibility to eat fit, nutritious and tasty snack makes sense for me.  I can eat it whether before or after a workout / activity.  It will fill me, and kick my power up or/and help me to store important fuel reserve – glycogen for a later use boosting my recovery time.

Get ready :

  • 15 prunes    
  • 50 g almonds (good hand full)
  • 100 g rice porridge
  • 2 tbs linseed
  • 10 tbs hot water
  • 1 tbs xylitol optionally

Soak prunes and almonds in a hot water ( need to be slightly covered) and steam them for 10 min. Blend all till smooth, throw in porridge, linseed and optionally xylitol or spoon of natural honey. Mix well all together and form little balls. Cool and Enjoy

You will get about 6 balls from that portion. For me, one is enough to fill me. Remember to not overfeed yourself with anything. If you eat too much healthy sweets it ends up fat anyway….

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