Fat&Protein Breakfast

The most common breakfast type is carbohydrate- based. Cereals, porridge, bread with jam and so on can be good for you as well, depending on your body type and energy needs. However, Fat-Protein Breakfast can serve you very well if you are looking for a fat loss or your body type does not need to get the carbohydrates from the early morning. It all depends on your individual body needs, reactions and day plan of course, however, the evidence proofs a lot of benefits that come from healthy fat and protein-based breakfasts. Fat-Protein based breakfast does not spike the sugar levels in your bloodstream and is giving you stable and long-lasting energy. You can create the fat-protein based meal that you want, once it includes fat, protein and vegetable standards.

Get ready :

  • 2 full free-range medium eggs      
  • half of the avocado
  • half of the medium tomato
  • bunch of spinach
  • 1tbs linseed oil
  • 1tbs ghee butter
  • Ground Pepper, Himalayan Salt

Fry eggs on the pan using ghee butter or coconut oil. On the plate put washed and dried spinach leafs, sliced tomato and avocado. Sprinkle with linseed oil and season with salt and pepper.


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