Green Power Juice

What is so powerful in a color Green? It is Chlorophyll !

Foods that are green color contain chlorophyll, which is a green pigment that Plants use along with sunlight to get their nutrients. Green foods contain a large amount of the essential anti-oxidants, minerals, and vitamins, for optimal health. It is supporting the body by helping to get rid of the toxins, promotes overall healing.

There is evidence which proves the health benefits that come from the intake of the foods that contain a large amount of chlorophyll.  Please find a case study here about the Cancer Treatment using chlorophyll.

It is so easy to prevent diseases by switching on simple tips to your daily habits.

Eat green foods, drink green homemade smoothies, combine them with foods that contain high amounts of antioxidants such as Vitamin C, E or A.

How to make it? (2 servings)

  • 4 large apples (juiced)
  • 1 pomegranate (juice it using orange hand squeezer)
  • 1 big bunch of spinach
  • 1 tbs linseed

Juice the apples, using juicer. In a mixer or using blender, mix the ready apple juice with linseed and spinach, in the end add juiced pomegranate. Mix well.


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