Holistic Personal Training

4EvaFit Holistic Personal Training Sessions 

Holistic Personal Training is treating your BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

Working on all the levels at the same time is the only option to achieve what you want. You can not separate your BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT. If you do not include the processes that will change You as a whole, you may not get results or your results appear much slower.


During online consultation, I will send you a quick question form to get general information in terms of your general health, mental health, mindset,  exercise history, fitness level and goals. Also, your food preferences, likes and dislikes, allergies or diseases. The answers will assist me with the next steps.


The first test training will assist in collecting the information to create the safest and the most effective holistic living program that meets your Body – Mind and Spirit needs.
This assessment includes your mindset up questionnaire, fitness test such as cardiovascular endurance, muscular power, muscle strength, flexibility, and mobility test, and nutritional analysis. Also, body composition, movement screens and postural assessment, to determine any mind blockages that contribute to not letting you go forward, any physical imbalances that cause pains and dysfunctions or any nutritional difficulties that destroy your physical and mental health.


Depending on the fitness test assessment results the holistic living program given might vary. You will be given a set of tips for Body – Mind, and Spirit to implement to your daily routine. You will be given a personalized ”starter plan ” which is a subject to evaluate within your progressions and readiness.  Duration of physical program depends on what your starting point is and takes from 30 to 90 minutes.


Designing a good program is just the beginning of your journey. Each session is focused on many factors that will assist in getting the results you want. During the further sessions, we are really able to find out more about yourself,  looking at your strengthens and weaknesses. We will work on making the exercise a habit, having a specially structured workout plan that improves overall health and quality of life to build up your fitness level efficiently and safely. We will focus on improving physical fitness conditioning and preventing the injuries through training at the same time. We will keep on monitoring your measurements and progressions and I will support you during and after that making you stay on track. The program will make a strong impact on your mental well being and mindset, giving you the methods and techniques of Self Growth as a unique human being. The holistic living program aims to change you on all the unbreakable levels between Body – Mind, and Spirit. You are the union of the whole. You can achieve anything when you have got the properly designed methods of how do do it and you work on your Body – Mind and Spirit at the same time.

  • If you had the injuries before we will improve your strength after physicians care or working with them for safe and continued progress.
  • Do you do any sport? It is very important to develop balanced muscular strength, speed, endurance and power to increase the specific muscle groups to amplify sports performance. Try my specified sport training programs to improve your technique.
  • Do you exercise but you do not see the results? Let me maximize your potential, fixing your plateau or stalled fitness program. Get the advice to change the workout plan for results you want, that will push your goals and enable you to become more confident through the workouts. I will educate you about proper form and technique, appropriate intensity, ways to stay motivated, ways to progress, further understanding the rationale as to why certain exercises were selected, and how the developed program relates back to your health and fitness goals.