Meadowsweet infusion

Have you heard about Meadowsweet Plant? 

I am sure you are passing by often when you are walking around meadows.
Harvesting time is still here so pick up yours to make warming up infusion drink for a cold, autumn and winter days.

Meadowsweet is a very common and safe herb that can be easily found at the European / Asian Meadows. Meadows flowers, leaves and roots have been used in Ancient Medicine and its benefits had been scientifically approved. First pain killers were produced of Meadowsweet, since discovered plant contains salicylic acid, one of the main ingredients for Aspirin.

Like Aspirin, Meadowsweet is used mainly to relieve pain. It is a diuretic, useful for kidney and bladder complaints such as cystitis. It also reduces stomach acidity and is good for rheumatic conditions, as it rids the body of excess uric acid.
Meadowsweet has been used for colds, respiratory problems, acid indigestion, peptic ulcers, arthritis and rheumatism, skin diseases, and diarrhea.
I harvest only flowers and it is more than enough for my needs.

Harvest the flowering meadowsweet and place on the paper in a dry place in the room not exposed to the sun. Let it fully dry for a few days. Store in a glass jar after.

How much should you use it?

,, Doses of flower 2.5 to 3.5 g/day and herb 4 to 5 g are considered conventional. However, no clinical trials support the safety or efficacy of these dosages. A tea may be prepared from 4 to 6 g of the dried herb and taken 3 times daily” (
Like any herb, it is best to drink it in moderation and do not combine with synthetic anti-inflammatory pills or pain killers, also If you are allergic to Aspirin or you are pregnant. Always start with a low dosage.

I recommend to find out more information about Meadowsweet Herb.


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