Personal Weekend

Holistic Living Personal Workshops at Connemara Escape

I am Eva – Holistic Personal Trainer, Mindfulness Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Nutrition Adviser who has spent more than 16 years on looking for building a healthy and easy way of living. 

After over 16 years in Fitness Industry, working as a Personal and Group Trainer, participating in many Fitness Events and International Conventions, taking part in many different courses for Body – Mind and Spirit, finally teaching many different styles of fitness classes, teaching as a Tutor for a Fitness School, correcting peoples bad exercise habits, advising people how to eat, what to drink, what to avoid, what to follow, what type of training is good to start with, what are the necessary progressions, how to stay motivated, how to train mind, how to live following heart and intuition, how to not to get distracted, how to relax and live stressful free live …. My own life brought me to Connemara Escape. 

Here where I share all I have learned throughout the years of experience, making many mistakes and learning of them. 

I have created the space where any person who is looking for individual solutions to improve or enhance their living can find, try, implement and finally start practicing the personally assigned methods of holistic living.

I believe that everyone is at the different moment in their life, everyone has got different experience and tried different tools and methods that may have or may have not worked so far, everyone needs to be taken care of individually, carefully and precisely. 

Connemara Escape Holistic Living Personal Workshops are for individuals who are tired of searching for solutions on their own, who want to finally get the right methods and walk the right path to become more aware of their individuality in this World. 


Life is happening on all these levels, and to become fully balanced and aware we need to work on all of them. 

I am offering you to arrange your healing time in Connemara Escape, where you can truly look in the mirror seeing all the obstacles but in the same time seeing the right solutions and the right methods that really serve you here and now. 

The workshops may take from 2-7 days depending on your needs during which you connect to yourself, you find out more about yourself, you learn yourself and you start practicing the right solutions for you at this time, looking forward the progressions. 

The workshops are covering the subjects for Body- Mind- Spirit Training and Nourishment where you meet the theory with practice, teachings, and corrections after which you are given many handbooks, pdfs, plans, programs, and books to continue your holistic living journey for a lifetime without a need of confusion and never-ending circle of trying what doesn’t work…. 

Start your journey in Connemara Escape. 
I am here to share.