Pine Buds

May is the best month to harvest the Pine Buds. Pine is a very commonly met tree at the Irish landscapes, so you would not need to spend too much time finding it.

There are uncountable health benefits that come from pine buds usage and so many options of how to use them.

Pine Buds have their medicinal properties as they contain the big range of beneficial substances such as Vitamins, especially C and A, essential oils, carotenoids, tannins, and microelements.

Using the Pine buds internally will raise our immunity system level, work on improving the cardiovascular system, protect against the pathogens as contain over 40 antibacterial principles, enhance and heal the respiratory system, but also will be extremely beneficial for urinary and metabolic diseases.

Pine Buds infusion can be also used as a fantastic antiseptic for wounds, but also as a cosmetic for example as a hair conditioner, face tonic, bath liquid. We can add it to creams, homemade toothpaste etc.

I highly recommend reading more about the pine buds health properties and introduce this healing plant to your home.

I have harvested the pine buds this year already and I have decided to use one part for a none cooked syrup, another part for a pine infused oil and some part to dry and grind to use as a spice or to add to homemade cosmetics later on.

I am definitely going to the forest again to harvest more. Maybe I will make a pine bud jam next time.

Pine Buds Syrup

How to prepare the Pine Buds Syrup?

  • approx 4 l of freshly harvested Pine Buds
  • about 1 -1.5kg of sugar ( you can use brown sugar, or coconut sugar or the best is pure raw honey – from honey as it is liquid you will get much more syrup) 
  • Glass Jar 

You can clean the pine under fresh water or if it is harvested in a clean environment, far from busy roads you can skip that part. 
In a glass jar place the good handful of pine buds covered with the first level of sugar (or better the raw honey). Now place another level of pine and cover again with the sweetener, repeating the same until the end. The last cover should be the sweetener. The spruce should not be exposed to the air (should be fully covered). Do not fully cover the jar with a lid, leave it slightly opened, so the oxygen can be flowing in. 
Place the jar in the sunny part inside your house. Let it be exposed to sunlight for 2-3 weeks, then remove it and place in a dark place for another 3-4 weeks. Shake the mixture once for a few days. 
Your syrup should be ready by then.

Pine buds oil

Pine buds oil is a perfect addition to salads, but also you can use it externally for muscle pain, stiff joints or simply to get a healthier and younger looking skin. This Oil can be a fantastic addition to soaps or body creams, or to homemade toothpaste.

How to make it?

Prepare the glass jar and cover the pine buds with extra virgin olive oil. you can use different cold pressed oil here as well (just check which one can be used internally or externally only) Store in a dark cooled place for 5-7 weeks. Strain the pine and store the liquid in the dark bottle or in the fridge.

Dried and grinded pine buds can be used as a spice to vegetables or meats but also as an ingredient to homemade infusion drink, homemade creams, peelings, toothpaste and many more.

Let it dry freely, not exposed to the sun ( it may take a good few days) and grind it in the coffee grinder, store in a dry jar in a cool place.

Pine buds left to dry

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