Life is for living, so why aren’t we living life to the full?

Todays World filled with stress, aggression, unnecessary materialistic concerns can let your own life just pass by… We live in World, where we battle to get this or that, to pay bills, to get fit and healthy, to be ‘’perfect’’ in the other’s eyes, to feel enough for someone. That makes us lose our relationship with our self and not be able to create Healthy relationships with others.

How to live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives? How to choose an appropriate way?
Connemara Escape is a simple guide of Holistic Living, connecting you with Mother Earth and Universe helping to discover the real You, Your path and living purpose in this World.

Once you decide, you get the power to change anything.
Sometimes you need to escape to find yourself.
Connemara Escape is one of the ways …