Rice Porridge

Sometimes I feel lost when I am hungry and in a hurry. It drives me crazy when I am not prepared with my meal plan. Whether you exercise or not this carbohydrate-based meal will fuel you very well before the activity or not. As it is a simple carbohydrate-based meal, preferably use it as a snack option.

These ingredients are mostly always in our kitchen. It take a very little time to get this ready. Try that superpowers after eating it, before you start any exercise routine, or simply to awake yourself before an activity.

Get ready :      

– rice porridge approx. 6-8 spoons

– water

– hazelnuts approx 1-3 spoons

– pinch of cinnamon

– grated apple

Mix all and enjoy 

The proportions of each ingredient should be individually measured to fit personal needs.

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