Salad Bowl

Vegetables are in the first place. I do appreciate all the vegetarian and vegan dishes. It is good for your health to eat as many vegetables as you can even you are not vegetarian or vegan. When they are unprocessed they serve you the most.

Get ready:

  • small piece of red cabbage
  • half pear
  • 20g blue cheese
  • hand full spinach and rocket
  • hand full mix seeds ( pumpkin, sunflower, linseed, sesame)
  • linseed oil

Cut all ingredients and place them on the plate. Roast the seeds on dry, hot pan for a minute. Add on the top, with linseed oil drops. Enjoy

The size of the meal  is individual as all we eat. These proportions were ok for me. If you can not finish it, leave the rest for later. If you feel you are still hungry, eat just a bit more, wait 30 min and drink water. Digesting takes time. When you eat in a hurry, you might not feel full straight after meal. Try to slow down your meal time. Get your advise how your portions should look like from the professionals.

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