Sunflower Seeds Bites

What happens when you have a sweet taste cravings? Sometimes it is so hard to manage to forget about this. It is so strong you simply can not resist. In that case, be prepared. Make your own healthy version of sweets that will satisfy your hunger and fulfill your body with healthy nutrients. This simple hazelnut – sunflower seeds bites will perfectly assist in that kind of days. You can add a bite for your afternoon coffee or tea, you can use it as a small snack between your meals, you can eat it up to one hour before a workout to boost energy levels, or straight after the workout when you have no after workout meal prepared yet but you are already starving.

Sunflower seeds are a great combination of Vitamin E, Copper, Vitamin B1, Manganese, Selenium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and Folate. Vitamin E contains is about  35 g per 100g sunflower seeds. It is highly antioxidative lipid soluble antioxidant which is necessary to maintain the integrity of cell membranes of the skin by protecting it by noxious oxygen free radicals, also fighting cholesterol oxidation. Vitamin E can significantly increase the immunity system by its anti-inflammatory properties.  A good amount of folic acid will prevent DNA damage.

Add sunflower seeds to your snacks, salads, soups during your weekly meal planning, but remember to combine it with a natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids such as walnuts or line seeds to balance high Omega 6 ratio.

Get ready :

  • 1 glass sunflower seeds                             
  • 1/3 glass hazelnuts ( or other nuts)
  • 1/2 glass Raw Organic Honey
  • 1tbs coconut oil

Prepare a bowl and baking tray covered with baking paper. In the bowl place all ingredients and mix very well. Rub baking tray with coconut oil. Remove the ready mixture using a wooden spoon. Spread the mixture on a medium-size baking tray. Knead it forming a flat surface.

Preheat the Oven to 250 degrees. When preheated turn 180 degrees, and bake for 20  minutes. When ready remove from the oven, cool it down and slice on small squares. Always remember it is a treat so you should not eat it whole at once. You will get about 8 medium squares there. Do not it more than two per snack.


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